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Results 2023/24 - Southend League Minor - B Team

09/10/23Southend AA2½-1½
23/10/23Thurrock AH1½-2½
14/11/23Thurrock BA4-0
22/01/24Southend AH1-3
06/02/24Thurrock AA1½-2½
19/02/24Thurrock BH2-2
11/04/24BasildonA4-0Match defaulted by Basildon

The latest league table is on the Southend & District League website.

Basildon11/04/24Southend B
Southend B19/02/24Thurrock B
1Joshua Davis (W)158310Ralph Goodliffe1411
2Taylor R Duke160601Jake Maguiree1150
3Ben Middleton160310Brendan Gibbonse1300
4John R Chapman119501Len SC Whittaker1365
Average Rating14971307
Average Performance13231481
Thurrock A06/02/24Southend B
1Mathew Wilson (B)167101Joshua Davis1583
2Jonathan Wilsone142010Melvin R Poole1645
3Derek Reynolds1537½½Ben Middleton1603
4Brendan Gibbonse130010Lana Hurrelle1000
Average Rating14821458
Average Performance15531395
Southend B22/01/24Southend A
1Taylor R Duke (W)160601Chris Lynche1550
2Joshua Davis158301David J King1538
3Ben Middleton160301Michael J Saunders1612
4James I Courtenay126710Christopher Wray1317
Average Rating15151504
Average Performance13111708
Southend B08/01/24Basildon
1Taylor R Duke (B)160610Mandar Mane1327
2Joshua Davis158310Spyros Vasileiadise1100
3Ben Middleton160310David Chapman1145
4John R Chapman119501Will Goddarde1100
Average Rating14971168
Average Performance14001265
Thurrock B14/11/23Southend B
1Jonathan Wilson (B)e142001Taylor R Duke1606
2Tomas Eastwood147201Joshua Davis1583
3Brendan Gibbonse130001Ben Middleton1603
4Oliver Grabowski100901Joshua Emdon1252
Average Rating13001511
Average Performance7112100
Southend B23/10/23Thurrock A
1Taylor R Duke (W)160601Andrew Offord1623
2Ben Middleton1603½½Malcolm K Crane1454
3Joshua Davis158310Ralph Goodliffe1411
4Graham Ballinger103401Brendan Gibbonse1300
Average Rating14571447
Average Performance13601552
Southend A09/10/23Southend B
1David Ruppert (B)157501Taylor R Duke1606
2Mark Clancy1565½½Ben Middleton1603
3Adam JM Moyse134201Joshua Davis1583
4Christopher Wray131710John R Chapman1195
Average Rating14501497
Average Performance14101545

Results 2023/24 Index   Southend League Minor - A Team   Club Championship