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Results 2023/24 - Club Championship

1Neil A Sutherland1978b11+Dw9=b7+b3+2016
2Stephen L Wedlock1888b10=w21+b18+w12+1900
3Matthew H Shaw1936w14+b19+Db4+w1-3   1989
4Howard Grist1999w6+b5+w3-b8+3   1903
5Colin M Newton1666b17+w4-b13+w11+3   1825
6Nick J Lacey1631b4-w26+b17+w10+3   1794
7Ben Middleton1577w16=b20+w1-b18+1647
8David J King1558b15+w10=b9=w4-2   1736
9Josh T Winiberge1706w24+b1=w8=b142   1830
10Taylor R Duke1613w2=b8=w20+b6-2   1580
11Fred R Whitefield1631w1-Db24+w22+b5-2   1638
12Joshua Davis1651w19-b22+w23+b2-2   1524
13Adam JM Moyse1344b26+w15-w5-b21+2   1450
14Michael J Saunders1616b3-w27+b25+w92   1586
15Dennis B Paul1674w8-b13+w19=b16=2   1532
16Chris Lynche1700b7=w18-b27+w15=2   1467
17David Ruppert1554w5-b25+w6-b20+2   1425
18Matt P Bellman1297w25=b16+w2-w7-1439
19Isha Aggarwal-Stanbridge1525b12+w3-Db15=1856
20Joshua Emdon1242b23+w7-b10-w17-1   1340
21Nathan Driscoll1284bye+b2-bye-w13-1   710
22Christopher Wray1295b27+w12-b11-w251   1270
23Dennis M Thompson1387w20-bye+b12-b241   647
24Melvin R Poole1578b9-w11-b26+w231   1383
25Lana Hurrelle1147b18=w17-w14-b22½1185
26John R Chapman1177w13-b6-w24-b270   694
27Luke D Shaw705w22-b14-w16-w260   297
Round 4 Pairings
Matthew H Shaw3   0-1Neil A Sutherland24 May
Stephen L Wedlock1-0Joshua Davis2   24 May
Colin M Newton2   1-0Fred R Whitefield2   24 May
Michael J Saunders2   vJosh T Winiberg2   
Nick J Lacey2   1-0Taylor R Duke2   24 May
David J King2   0-1Howard Grist2   24 May
Chris Lynch½-½Dennis B Paul24 May
Matt P Bellman0-1Ben Middleton24 May
Melvin R Pool1   vDennis M Thompson1   05 Jul
Nathan Driscoll1   0-1Adam JM Moyse1   24 May
Joshua Emdon1   0-1David Ruppert1   24 May
Christopher Wray1   vLana Hurrell½07 Jun
Luke D Shaw0   vJohn R Chapman0   

This event is a six round swiss open to all club members. The results of all games are submitted for ECF rating at the end of each month.

The time control is 36 moves in 90 minutes followed by 24 moves in an hour. If both players agree, then all moves in 80 minutes plus an increment of 10 seconds per move may be played. Rounds will commence promptly at 7.30 p.m.

The winner holds the Jarratt Cup for one year. Ties are broken by a play-off.

The highest placed player rated under 1800 will be awarded the Tilleard Cup (Minor Championship) for one year.
There is also an award for the highest placed player rated under 1500.
Ties for these awards are split by sum of progressive scores, then sum of opponents' scores.

Scheduled dates -

Round 1   Friday 16th February
Round 2   Friday 15th March
Round 3   Friday 26th April
Round 4   Friday 24th May
Round 5   Friday 21st June
Round 6   Friday 19th July

Results 2023/24 Index   Southend League Minor - B Team   JA Speigel Memorial