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Results 2023/24 - Barton Cup

Pos  NameRatingPWDLAScore%agePerfDiff
1  Taylor R Duke1603241527016/2466.71684+81
2  David J King15401464408/1457.11527-13
3  Christopher Wray133084130/856.31331+1
4  Joshua Davis15803416612019/3455.91654+74
5  Ben Middleton1611934205/955.61479-132
6  Neil A Sutherland200120785011/2055.01901-100
7  Stephen L Wedlock1932185940/1852.81790-142
8  Howard Grist196720857010½/2052.51943-24
9  Michael J Saunders161220848010/2050.01609-3
10  David Ruppert1579174760/1744.11452-127
11  Melvin R Poole164592340/938.91543-102
12  Dennis B Paul171023212908/2334.81628-82
13  Nick J Lacey1693153390/1530.01469-224
14  John R Chapman11951322903/1323.11098-97
15  Colin M Newton172122341505/2222.71571-150
  Graham Ballinger1031200200/20.0562-469
  Mark Clancy1577632104/666.71511-66
  Julian Corfield1946440004/4100.02547+601
  James I Courtenay1267220002/2100.02107+840
  Alex S Davis-Loades187553110/570.02048+173
  Joshua Emdon1227530203/560.01303+76
  Lana Hurrelle100060150½/68.3982-18
  Chris Lynche155074120/764.31703+153
  Adam JM Moyse134231110/350.01465+123
  Matthew H Shaw194761320/641.71742-205
  Fred R Whitefield1635200200/20.01082-553

The Barton Cup is awarded to the club member who has the highest percentage score for the club, subject to a minimum of 8 games.

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