Southend Chess Club Title

Archive - Constitution & Rules

1.The Club shall be known as Southend-on-Sea Chess Club. Its objects shall be the promotion of chess within the Borough, to provide suitable premises for the use of its members, and to assist the Essex Chess Association both in match play and by affiliation.
2.The management of the club shall be vested in an elected Executive Committee consisting of the President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Congress Secretary, Publicity Officer, Match Captains, Tournament Secretaries, Junior Representative and two others, five to form a quorum.
3.A meeting of at least eight members, to be known as the Annual General Meeting, shall be held before the commencement of the winter season, when a statement of accounts for the previous year shall be presented, together with other officers' reports. The meeting shall elect, by simple majority voting, the officers specified in Rule 2, for a period of one club year. There shall be no restriction on a member's holding two or more executive positions but a member so elected shall be entitled to one vote only on the Executive Committee. The meeting may also elect Vice-Presidents for the ensuing year.
4.A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Executive Committee or on written request of eight or more members to the Hon. Secretary. Notice of any General Meeting, together with the Agenda, shall be sent to all members not less than seven days prior to the meeting. Eight members shall be required for a quorum at such meeting.
5.The Executive Committee shall be empowered to appoint Sub-Committees for the purpose of performing certain set functions, and in such cases all decisions taken shall be binding in their particular capacities, although each Sub-Committee shall be directly responsible to the Executive Committee. C.F. Rule 7.
6.The Executive Committee shall stage competitions annually for the honour of holding for one club year the following Club Trophies: (1) The Jarratt Cup, for the Championship of the club, (2) The Tilleard Cup, for the Minor Championship, (3) The Brimley Board, for the Junior Championship, and appropriate competitions for (4) the Lightning Cup, (5) the Barton Cup, (6) the Hammond Board and Set and (7) the Global Coins Cup. Entry to (1), (2) and (3) shall be by invitation of the Committee and, to the remainder, all qualified members.
7.Where no Tournament Sub-Committee has been appointed for the purpose, it shall be the duty of the Tournament Secretary/ies to organise and conduct the above competitions. Members shall be granted a right of appeal to the Committee on competition matters, but when a Tournament Sub-Committee has been appointed this shall be the competent body.
8.All properties of the club shall be the responsibility of the President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Congress Secretary for the time being, but no personal liability shall be attached to these officials in regard to loss, damage, etc.
9.The Essex Chess Association's Rules for affiliated clubs shall be considered binding on the club to the full extent that they do not modify the above Rules.
10.These Rules shall be subject to alteration only by a two-thirds majority of votes cast by members present at a General Meeting.